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Genderqueer Circle

This coming Sunday, April 29th, at 4pm we'll have our 2nd genderqueer circle!  It'll be hosted by Lou in Andersonville; email gendqueerchicago@gmail.com for address and directions.  Circles are best when smaller, so we'll cap it after the first 7 people respond.  And please be on time, as we can't start until everyone arrives. 

Here's a little more info on our facilitator and circles:

Lou was trained as a circle keeper by Community Justice for Youth Institute (www.cjyi.org) and has been doing circles for about 4 years.  Circles can be used for restorative justice, conflict resolution, healing, celebration, and just about anything that brings people together in an honest and meaningful way.  The emphasis for these genderqueer circles will be on personal healing and meaningful sharing. 
The main difference between a common conversation and a circle is that circles have a bit more structure.  There's a talking piece that signifies whoever has it can talk or be silent or pass, and that when you don't have it you can listen.  It allows for deeper communication because you can listen without worrying about what you'll say next and speak without worrying if someone will interrupt you.  There's an opening and closing round to establish confidentiality and the circle decides when it's done, though they generally last about 3 hours.  There is no therapist or outside person present, and these genderqueer circles will only be open to folks through Genderqueer Chicago.  Please come and enjoy!
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