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Organize with us!

Genderqueer Chicago is actively seeking new organizers to add to our team! 

What is a GqC organizer?While everyone who participates in GqC has a significant role in the group, organizers make sure the day-to-day runs smoothly. GqC is entirely peer-led and volunteer run. We have almost no money and few resources, so organizers work in creative ways to make GqC a sustainable group. Organizers post community work to the blog, book spaces for meetings, plan events for the group, serve as advocates for attendees, facilitate weekly meetings, and build relationships with our larger community.

Who can be an organizer?
Anyone who lives in Chicago, can attend weekly meetings, likes to work in a team, is reliable and on-time, and has attended a few GqC meetings can be an organizer. If you've never been to GqC or only just recently started coming and think you might want to organize, shoot us an e-mail, anyways and let us know.

What if I'm not sure if I want to be an organizer?
Read on...!

Shoot us an email or contact one of the current organizers. You don't have to commit to being an organizer, but strong interest is recommended.
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