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Spring Queer Clothes Swap this Sunday!

Join Genderqueer Chicago, the Center on Halsted, Man Cave, No Boys Allowed, and others for a clothing swap as the weather turns warmer!

Sunday 13 April, 2−5pm
Center on Halsted

image from flickr
3656 N. Halsted St.
Senior Center

Bring lighter clothes that others can wear in warm weather, or the heavier ones that sat unused in your closet all winter. Please do not bring t-shirts, as they take up a lot of space compared to how useful they are. Anything left over at the end will be donated, most likely to The Brown Elephant. No one will be turned away for not bringing donations.

Changing space will be limited, so it's best if you dress with that in mind, in things that make it easy to try on new clothes.

This will be a public event, but it is particularly for the trans* and gender-variant community. Everyone is welcome, but please keep the focus in mind when inviting others. Please do invite others!
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