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Renovations: A Safer Space Discussion

We often frequently process and talk about how we first came out to ourselves. But what about the changes and developments that come after that? Sometimes we simply don't have a space for that, and sometimes we even have to pretend were more certain than we were for fear of being dismissed. So what changes have happened since you came out to yourself? Have they all been improvements? What advice would you have for past versions of yourself?

Wednesday, July 1, 7:00pm to 8:15pm
Center on Halsted, 2nd Floor (ask for room number at reception desk)
3656 N. Halsted St. 
Genderqueer Chicago is as safe a space as we can make it. To help with this, we have some working agreements that we would like all who come to meetings to keep in mind while within our safe space meetings. Please check out our working agreements here.
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