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Queer Clothing Swap August 24th!

Join Genderqueer Chicago, the Center on Halsted, Man Cave, and others for a clothing swap!

Sunday, August 24th
2 pm - 5 pm
Center on Halsted Third Floor
3656 N. Halsted St.

Bring the cool clothes that you still never wore all summer and the warm ones that won't suit you this fall and winter. Anything left over at the end will be donated, most likely to The Brown Elephant. No one will be turned away for not bringing donations. Please do not bring t-shirts, undergarments, or stained items.

Changing space will be limited, so it's best to wear things that make it easy to try on new clothes.

This will be a public event, but it is particularly for the trans* and gender-variant community to feel safe while bringing our wardrobes more in line with our identities. Everyone is welcome, but please keep the focus in mind when inviting others. Please do invite others!

We also still need some volunteers to help out with the event, doing things like setting up/taking down tables and sorting clothes as they arrive. We'd need you to show up an hour before the event and/or stay an hour after. If you can help out, please email genderqueerchicago+swap@gmail.com and let us know.
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