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Beach Meetup TOMORROW!

Join Genderqueer Chicago and Every Body Chicago for a beach meetup at Foster Avenue Beach. Bring friends! Bring snacks! Be ready for some summer fun! It looks like it might storm tomorrow, so come prepared with an umbrella and hope for sunshine!

Saturday, June 18
Foster Avenue Beach
5200 N. Lake Shore Drive

Every Body Chicago welcomes "anyone and everyone who is fat, thin, furry, inked up, pierced, disabled, gender variant, LGBTQIA, straight, questioning in any way, etc. to come together and build a community that is based on mutual respect and body positivity." Learn more about Every Body Chicago here:

Genderqueer Chicago is a grassroots, peer-led group that works to create safe spaces for all of us to talk about, think about, explore, and express gender. We hold free weekly meetings and events and maintain a community blog. Visit our blog at
http://genderqueerchicago.blogspot.com/to learn more.

This event is free and open to the public. Foster Avenue beach has a wheelchair-accessible beach walk.
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